Decluttering Tips For Your Spring Cleaning

Do you have one thing you love to buy? For me, it's jackets and coffee mugs, I cannot stop. Between my love for thrifting and my need to collect things, I end up having a lot of clutter. So, every spring I like to go through my "collections" and re-evaluate my  space. Here are my spring cleaning and decluttering tips to help you keep what you need and love your space.

Start small

Pick one section or one room in your house. Start small. You don't have to take everything apart all at once. The worst is when you bite off more than you can chew and midway through feel overwhelmed and end up not finishing.

Be realistic

I am for sure the girl who keeps elaborate dresses and weird clothing items for that one chance I might need it but if you don't have the space toss it. If something doesn't fit you, TOSS IT!

Double down

Go through your things twice. The first time, separate your items into a keep pile and donate pile. The second time, go through your keep pile and really ask yourself if you will use the item, if it is valuable or if you would miss not having it.

Organize everything into a home

THIS is the hardest but most important step in keeping your space clutter free. Invest in drawer organizers, closet dividers, and space savers. Utilizing your vertical space is KEY. You can read more about my organizational tips HERE.

I hope this stirs up some spring-cleaning vibes for you <3