Blended Family Boundaries

Blending families can always be tough. You're not only changing your life, but you're changing your children's lives as well. There's a lot of emotions to work through and different parenting styles to cope with. So how do you navigate it? Here are some healthy boundaries to set for your partner and your kids.

Decide Roles as Stepparents

You need to decide what role you want them to take. A lot of times it's uncomfortable to take on a disciplinary role of kids that aren't biologically yours and setting the boundaries of how you'd like things to be handled is important. Discuss what role you want each other to take in your children's lives.

Personal Space

Having a new group of people invading your space can be overwhelming. It's important to give kids their space. Enforce rules like "always knock before entering a room" so your kids feel respected.




Make sure everyone is aware of the rules and they are being enforced the same way. No child should feel as if they are being treated differently than everyone else. They should all be receiving the same treatment.

Backing Each Other Up

Remember to back up your partner and their rules. For example, "your mom said you can play games after you do your homework." If you work together it makes the adjustment a lot easier.

Cheers to happy families,

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