Upcoming Bus Trips for the Ultimate Party Bus Experience

Forget about the hassle of airports and the solitude of long car rides – bus trips are where it’s at! There’s something special about hopping on a bus and watching the world go by through the window. These bus trips offer a unique opportunity to…

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Sculpture Tour Gains 40+ Sculptures

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Over 40 new sculptures are adorning the streets of Eau Claire, as the new 2024-2025…

Blended Family Boundaries

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Blending families can always be tough. You’re not only changing your life, but you’re changing…

715 Rundown: Interest Rates, Severe Weather, State Parks, and a $400 Pineapple

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This week’s 715 Rundown is all about interest rates, defective COVID tests, severe weather, new…

Revel Bar/Golden Leaf Cafe

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Golden Leaf Cafe in Menomonie is the location of a small milestone in the process…

Live Music Events This Weekend

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The sound of music is in the air, because this weekend there’s a ton of…

Markets & Sales This Weekend

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Shopaholics, this is your weekend! The 715 has tons of shopping opportunities for you, from…

Getting Kids a Cellphone

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It always seems like kids are getting cell phones younger and younger these days. They’ve…

715 Rundown: Rock & Foreign Relations, Debates, & Red Lobster

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This week we’re covering an intriguing story about rock music and foreign relations, transgender rights…

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