‘Force Fields’ EDM Festival Plans Invasion of the 715

There’s a new festival coming to the 715 – and it’s out of this world! From the festival runners of Hoofbeat (formerly Country Fest) and Rock Fest, comes Force Fields, an EDM music festival. It’s all happening June 6-7th, 2025, and plays off of UFO…

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Meg Ann Lee: Fall Fashion Must Haves

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Besides the leaves changing, pumpkin carving & over priced seasonal coffee drinks, one of my…

Meg Ann Lee: Rare Beauty

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Let’s talk makeup. There are hundreds of brands and thousands of products; How do we…

Meg Ann Lee: Beginner Halloween Makeup

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Beginner Halloween Makeup Spooky Season is here and to kick off October I’m starting out…

Meg Ann Lee: Trendy Nails on a Budget

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Trendy Nails on a Budget Okay you guys, who here has been a victim of…

About Meg Ann Lee

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Hi, I’m Meg. I’m here at 95.9JAMZ to share all my beauty tips, fashion trends…

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