Jack’s Takes: Conan gets robbed!

Hello everyone! It’s Jack, here to serve as your tour guide through the pop culture fog of 2020.

The latest from the talk show world: beloved television host Conan O’Brien’s studio is robbed!

According to O’Brien – who is producing the show out of the historic Largo theater in Los Angeles as a means of shedding light on the plight of theater owners around the country – the thieves only took a couple of laptops. However, the crew remains unaware as to how they were able to break in.

Despite the mystery surrounding the break-in, O’Brien was able to bring to light some theories of his own. “These doors are like tissue paper,” he joked. “Many times I have not been able to get in the theater, and I just slightly lean against one of the locked doors and it just pushes open.”

Fortunately, the Conan crew have tightened security to the theater to prevent any further break-ins. Even so, one can’t help but wonder: who could have been behind this malicious act? If I were in charge of security, I would check the security cameras for any old, expensive cars making a quick getaway…

A possible suspect??

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