Feelin’ a little Irish

Alright folks let’s talk Dooley’s. Dooley’s Pub is the latest iteration of the bar on the corner of 5th and Water.

Eau Claire lifers were undoubtedly bummed out when The Camaraderie unfortunately burned down in 2001. Since opening in 2005, however, Dooley’s Pub has established itself as a Water Street icon, appealing to locals present at the bar’s conception, as well as to new UW Eau Claire students making their inaugural tipsy march down Water Street.

Anyone who knows me and is currently reading this post is undoubtedly rolling their eyes at my decision to follow up my introduction with a piece on Dooley’s. As it turns out, I’ve been known to hang out at the Pub “occasionally”. More often than not, my Mich Golden with a pickle is poured before I sit down! I’m not ashamed, though. Dooley’s has been a great home bar to me, and I’m happy to use this platform to show some love. (in case my, we’ll call it “recurring patronage”, isn’t enough.)

If you ask me, the three reasons that everyone loves the Pub are the atmosphere, the atmosphere, and the atmosphere. The drinks are cold, the food is tasty, and the service is great. But when you leave Dooley’s, it’s the environment that’s going to bring you back. The walls are littered with local sports memorabilia. The bartenders are friendly and knowledgeable. Put your trust in them to make your mixed shots when a game of dice doesn’t go your way, you won’t regret it! The odds that you close your bar tab without making a new friend are slim to none. A quick beer after work can quickly turn into a Lyft home. Visit on any given weekend, and it’s likely that there’s a jersey giveaway going on, and who wouldn’t like leaving a bar with a fresh Milwaukee Bucks, Green Bay Packers, or Eau Claire Blugolds jersey?

Whether you’re looking for traditional Irish food or American sports bar cuisine, you’ll be all set at Dooley’s Pub. I’ve long said that the food is EXACTLY what you want it to be. Its quick, tasty, and the variety won’t leave you bored on return trips. I personally cannot get enough of the bone-in wings, especially for sixty cents on Wednesdays! The “Celtic Knot”, a soft pretzel that dwarfs a standard dinner plate, seems like a gimmick meal until you’ve finished it and loved every bite. And nothing has cured my legendary hangovers quite like a huge plate of Totcho’s (Tater Tot Nachos, in case it wasn’t obvious).

Twelve beer taps, a plethora of liquors ranging from Pink Whitney to limited-edition Midletons, and a pleasantly surprising amount of craft beer bottles and cans ensure no drinker remains un-drunk. And who doesn’t love daily specials with ominous names like “Fireball Friday”, and “Tequila Tuesday”?

If you’re really up for a challenge (and have nothing to do tomorrow), take on “The River”.  That’s all I’d like to say on THAT topic.

Pictures say a thousand words, so here’s some 35mm film photos of me and my friends having a wonderful time at the Pub.

If THAT didn’t convince you, come sit at the bar. There’s a decent chance I’ll be there to tell you more.

Cheers, 715

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