Pistachio Cheesecake In A Cup/Randy’s Family Restaurant

You’ve heard of the resourcefulness of people and businesses when dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, how does a restaurant known for its pies safely — and efficiently — serve these delicious desserts to its customers? The answer: layer it in a cup:

Pie In A Cup

I’ve been eating at Randy’s Family Restaurant since 2002; being a southside resident of Eau Claire, it was essentially the go-to place for a local, family-style restaurant. Pies would often be selected as a dessert option (along with their signature warm vanilla pudding, surely a subject for a future edition of “Dessert Valley, Wisconsin”). However, being streamlined with to-go orders while keeping as much of the food hands-free likely resulted in the pie-in-a-cup ingenuity, and they are still the method for to-go pie to this day.

On a recent day, I swung by for pie — and noticed something a little different: pistachio cheesecake in a cup. I love myself some pistachios, and cheesecake, well. So, this was a double-whammy of unique sweet delicacy. That it was. You get the pistachio pudding/mousse close tot he top, with the tang of the cheesecake right below it. You keep diving the spoon down and getting alternating flavors each time. Plus, the underrated shade of pistachio green is ever-present, Different, and delicious.

Hopefully the pistachio cheesecake-in-a-cup is on the menu when you next visit Randy’s. Again, all the pies are scrumptious, but this one is something the likes of which you have likely never tried. Try it. You’ll like it.

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