Healthy Pancakes During a Season of Sweets

After a weekend of indulging it’s time to reset the sweet tooth. Kicking off the week with my spinach banana pancakes is a great way to have the taste of regular pancakes but with some sneaky greens in them. Find them on my blog here.

Don’t get me wrong, I love regular pancakes with our homemade maple syrup. Nothing will replace those with a side of bacon on the weekend but sometimes you need to switch it up. If you know your family will turn their noses up at the site of green in pancakes just start small. Ease into the amount of spinach you add. 

You can find the recipe here. 

Freeze any extras for a later date. They are easy to reheat. I do a quick defrost int he microwave then pop the in the toaster.

I also love to throw a few in for road trips.

Now after my ‘healthy’ breakfast, I’m going to enjoy a popcorn ball from my baking adventures with my coffee. 😉 

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