Monster Crispy Bar/Best Maid

They are practically ubiquitous at convenience stores across western Wisconsin: those Best Maid Cookie Company Crispy Bars. The marshmallow, the peanut butter, and, of course, the colorful wonder that is the Monster:

The MONSTER Crispy Bar

You’ve probably seen them so many times at the checkout locations that you’ve bought one and liked one, so you probably already know how they delicious they taste. In the off chance you’ve resisted the temptation…well, for one, BUY ONE. Two, it is the gooey Rice Krispy-style bar you’d anticipate, only a lot, and dense, and not prone to having buts of cripsies falling out (it happens with the homemade ones…which is fine, but the less mess, always the better).

You may have also noticed the location of origin on the back: River Falls. Yes, these bars are from the 715. Best Maid has been around since 1943 (now connected to Rise Baking Company), and they typically sell to food distributors — like area convenience stores — though they do have a store at the main location in River Falls.

You can stop by there, or, do as I’ve done, and grab one as you’re picking up your milk, or pop, or beef jerky, or bananas, or whatever from a Chippewa Valley convenience store. It really is the best-made.

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