Pie/Altoona Family Restaurant

OK, I know the actual National PIE Day is January 23rd. But National PI Day is March 14th (obviously) and well, they sound the same, so that occasion leads to many pie deals at restaurants and stores nationwide. This was a “duh” for a post — I just needed to find pie. A quick Yelp search reminded me of Altoona Family Restaurant. Of course, plenty of pie there:

One of the numerous Altoona Family Restaurant pies.

Since I was getting pie-to-go, I was brought to the pie case in the back. I mean, you see all these pies, and you think you could take a slice of each. Fruit pies, cream pies — if you’ve ever been to Altoona Family Restaurant (and, considering their popularity, you probably have), you know they bring the variety. It’s a solid choice for National Pie Day or National Pi Day.

I actually got three slices (which is numerically close to 3.14159265359…): Banana cream for my wife (one of her faves), cherry cream cheese for myself, and a pecan cream cheese for later (we have to pace ourselves). These slices are BIG, so if you head there for a meal and ponder pie, make sure you dine accordingly to allow yourself to savor what you get pie-wise (there was also apple and chocolate varieties and such).

There’s never a bad day for pie, but the best days are the aforementioned special days. Altoona Family Restaurant will satiate your pie hunger — enjoy your slice while you memorize as many numbers of π as you can.

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