Specialty Shakes/Ramone’s Ice Cream Parlor

I was sitting with some friends having lunch the other day after we had just taken part in a choir event (yes, I was the choir geek in high school…and college…and adulthood). We got on the topic of ice cream, and one of them said the best shake in the area was at Ramone’s Ice Cream Parlor. I had no reason to doubt him — Ramone’s is quite good. However, I’d never had a shake of theirs. I needed to change that. I got two.

Two Specialty Shakes, one topped with a “dog.”

The shake he mentioned was the Cookie Monster. That was one I had to get. However, when I was at Ramone’s to get the shake, also recommended was the Strawberry Bliss, being one of the more-popular options. My wife loves herself some strawberries, so I made it a two-fer.

Yes, these specialty shakes were awesome (and, if you’re wondering how I would know that my wife’s shake was awesome, I did take a sip — with her permission, natch). The Cookie Monster has parts of two of Ramone’s ice creams derived from some of our classic cookie options: Cookie Dough, and Oreo. The flavor is as smooth and tasty as you’d expect.

Meanwhile, the Strawberry Bliss mixed Strawberry ice cream with marshmallow fluff, a strawberry drizzle, and a piece of shortbread — as you can see in the above photo, a dog. Creaminess galore with this one, just like the other.

In both cases, it’s not too much shake. Sure, I love myself a tall shake with leftover in the metal mixing cup on the side, but sometimes you can get to the end and be, like, “Man, I think I can finish.” Here, you finish, you’re satiated, and life is good. Especially getting these in the middle of the day with more work to do, it’s probably for the best that I not enter a food coma post-dessert.

I needn’t explain Ramone’s to you — it has already built a wonderful rep here in Eau Claire and with assorted travel destination articles that have been written of late. Perhaps I did need to explain the awesomeness of their specialty shakes. I know I’m going back for, at least, the All Nighter (which my wife will also greatly enjoy). You should go back and shake it up as well.

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