Brownie/Lucy’s Eatery

Mmm, a big ol’ brownie. You really can’t go wrong with that. Massive amounts of delicious, moist brownie, in a big square. It’s, like, ultimate dessert. I found one at Lucy’s Eatery in Chippewa Falls:

That big brownie.

I popped into Lucy’s while in Chippewa Falls getting a button replacement on a shirt of mine in Foreign 5. In case you didn’t know, you can walk right between the two, so you can gaze at the menu while doing your non-food-related shopping. I went down the small set of stairs into Lucy’s, saw the brownies, and picked up one for me and one for my wife. Good call.

The inside of the large brownie.

This is your classic brownie. A few minutes of delectable chocolate bliss, with a good crust on the exterior and good chewiness on the interior. Also — and this is low-key important to me — the consistency held for a good white. Since my wife couldn’t quite finish hers’ (it was a lot of brownie, after all), she wrapped some for later. Later became about a week later, and it was *still* in soft inside, with a crust on the outside. That’s a good recipe there.

The bakery at Lucy’s Eatery also has cookies and scones and muffins. It’s totally worth a jaunt to downtown Chippewa Falls, and an order of a dessert to go with your Lucy’s meal — or an order of a dessert “to-go.” And, if this brownie is any indication, it’ll last you and satisfy you a good long while, as well.

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