Let Kids Make Messes

I will be the first to admit I have extreme OCD. Messes make me cringe. They give me anxiety and put me in a terrible mood. The problem is kids are just messy. They will destroy your things and your sanity. You will inevitably have to wash crayon off a wall or replace carpet. You know that lady whose kids look flawless in photos and has all white furniture? Yeah, those kids are miserable. Just let kids be kids.

When I say “let kids be kids” I don’t mean to let them destroy things or have no regard for other people’s things. I mean to let the glitter get all over the floor when they are creating. Let the paint splatter on their shirts. Let them get dirty and splash in the puddles. Let them make messes. The times kids are making the biggest messes are the times they are letting their creativity flow. Creativity is dying in our youth. We as their parents are killing it.
My biggest suggestion is to be prepared for the messes, don’t prevent them. Lay out a play mat for them to paint on so it doesn’t get on the floor. I have specific clothes for the kids to paint in because I know that no matter how many times I tell them to be careful it will end up on their clothes. Have a bath ready for them when they come in from outside because, come on, we all made “potions” and mud pies.
When kids are making messes they are discovering their passion and talents. Do not be the person who stunts that growth. I promise you will thank me later.

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