Lazy Girl Vibes: Outfits, Makeup & Hair

Feeling overwhelmed by today’s beauty standards and too lazy to show up with a professional look for your 9-5? Great, this blog post is for you!

I did another poll on my Instagram to see what beauty topics you guys wanted to hear about and the most common word used in all of the replies was “LAZY”.

Haha, I know, right?!

Lazy hairstyles, cute lazy outfits, easy makeup and how to look professional when we are… LAZY.
So, I’m giving you some tips on how to look and feel “put together” when in fact you’re feeling LAZY AF.


One thing that will organize any outfit, yes even sweatpants, is a color story. Think monochromatic with maybe one pop of color, ie your AF1s match your jacket or your sports bra.


If you’re going to work and you need to look professional, throw a blazer over ANYTHING. You are immediately ready to answer annoying emails from Frank in accounting like a BOSS.

lazy girl outfits

Mixing high-end brands with your casual items has been a trend we have been seeing a lot from our IG influencers. Target sweats with a Gucci cross body bag? That’s lazy girl vibes to the max!

If you are all in on the lazy girl trends, check out my Pinterest board for some inspo:


The easiest makeup is no makeup, but I understand how that is not for everyone. My #1 advice is to focus on skincare, so you don’t feel like you MUST wear makeup. Check out some of my skincare favorites HERE.


If you still like makeup for the fun of it, which IMO is the only reason for makeup; what makeup items help you look professional fast? I always go for mascara and a bold lip color. This will immediately give you a pick-me-up!


If you are in a time crunch but still want to do a full face of makeup, check out my 5 minute makeup blog post for some fast tips and easy to use products.

lazy girl skin1


This category is going to be different for everyone based on hair texture and haircut. However, when in doubt a low ponytail or bun is a simple easy style that brings professionalism and class to every look.

I hope this helps you embrace your inner lazy girl. To closeout this post, here are some tutorials on fast hair styles to try <3

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