Cookielossus/JimBob’s Pizza

What would you call a big cookie? Like, the kind of cookie you can’t really make by putting a massive glob of cookie dough on a baking sheet? A colossus cookie…hmmm…

Presenting: the Cookielossus:

The Cookielossus.

There’s a lot of chocolate chip cookie in the JimBob’s Pizza Cookielossus (aka the Giant Pan Cookie). Eight inches in diameter of a pan-baked cookie with big chunks of semi-sweet chocolate. It is deserving of the name Cookielossus.

Dessert-wise at JimBob’s, you are probably most-familiar with the ice cream selection, and the pizza & ice cream that marry well together. The thing is, being a local pizza place, it’s an asset to have the offer of a warm pizza-like dessert, so a pan-style chocolate chip cookie is quite on-brand. My wife and I took out a couple slices from the pan container, had a glass of milk with it (which is, pretty much, a requirement), and were satisfied.

Slices of “cookie pie.”

What you really wanna do is order the Cookielossus with the ice cream at JimBob’s Pizza, since, well, cookies and ice cream, like cookies and milk, are also a natural combo. So, go all-colossal with your next sweet adventure — go with the Cookielossus, and overwhelm yourself with cookie goodness.

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