Oatmeal Butterscotch Scone/Acoustic Café

What is something “for sale” that perks you up, but might turn off another? I can be an oddity, it could be something conventional, it could be a quirk of a garage sale, it could be one of the innumerable items on Craigslist.

For me? It’s the “day-old” baked good.

My reaction to seeing that? “You’re telling me I can have a delicious muffin/bagel/scone/roll for, like, a dollar, just ‘cos it was made two days ago? Yes, please.”

I get it — a lot of folks, perhaps including you, like baked items to be as fresh as possible, which often entails being more flavorful and moist. Me? I don’t mind such items after a night has passed of their existence. They taste the same to me, and I don’t have to spend as much money. Win-win.

So, I know I’m gonna win going to Acoustic Café.

The oatmeal butterscotch scone.

My daughter and I headed downtown to see what was in the baked goods case, and there, in the “day-old” section that they usually always have: an oatmeal butterscotch scone. Sounded good; I bought it.

In case you were wondering, it tasted fine, and was a pleasure to eat. Sometimes when I see a baked good with “oatmeal,” I struggle to taste it. Not an issue here: the oatmeal was not overwhelming, which is good for a scone, but noticeable-enough, and the pairing of the butterscotch worked. Imagine it as the scone version of a slightly-sweet form of oatmeal. It also got a co-sign from my wife, who tends to be more of a stickler for timely freshness.

A good “day-old” scone.

Deliciousness does not need to be day-of. Do go to Acoustic Café, and save some dinero for when you dine on dessert. Deal? Deal.

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