Cheesecake Chimichanga/Cancun Grill

You know what comprises a chimichanga? Essentially, a burrito, deep-fried. So, imagine a cheesecake burrito, deep-fried. I mean, a cheesecake burrito not deep-fried sounds incredible. Deep-fried? Whoa. You can find one at Cancun Grill.

A cheesecake chimichanga with ice cream.

I actually went for a double chimichanga night from Cancun, ordering out for a ground beef chimichanga, and then perking up at the cheesecake chimichanga for dessert. It was a very chimichanga-y night, and all de-lish.

Cancun’s cheesecake chimichanga has, of course, the fried flour tortilla wrapping, with cinnamon all throughout. The inside? Cheesecake: gooey cheesecake, and rich as you’d love it to be. You can go chocolate or caramel with the syrup — my wife and I had chocolate on ours. Some vanilla ice cream accompanied — you might think it’s double-dairy, but it very much works. In fact, it sort of reminded me of fried ice cream, which I will need to get again at some point soon.

The cheesecake chimichanga: a sweet burrito in more ways than one.

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