Snickerdoodle Cookie/Dessert First

You know what’s an underrated style of dessert? A cool cookie. Typically, cookie desirability involves a warm cookie — particularly, a warm chocolate chip cookie. Warmth brings out flavor; in the case of the chocolate chip variety, you get the gooey-ness of the melted chocolate, and then combine it with milk, and, yeah, wowww. It stands to reason that a cold cookie might provide the opposite effect, correct?

Not necessarily so. I found out while having a snickerdoodle cookie from Dessert First.

A snickerdoodle cookie. A tasty one, at that.

I was fortunate to be in the Best Seats In The House at a recent Eau Claire Express game, and Dessert First, as they often do, provided the after-dinner treat. In this case, the cookie was snickerdoodle. To be honest, that variety of cookie ranks lower on my list of cookie preferences — still perfectly enjoyable, just not at the top of the rankings. Then again, this is Dessert First, and I know from experience that they can make any variety of dessert taste scrumptious.

On a mild, seasonable late-spring night, the cookies were served right out of refrigeration, which combined with the soft nature of the cookies to provide an almost cake-like experience. Really, it felt like getting them served right out of the display case. This was a thick snickerdoodle, so getting that slightly-chilled chew was a nice touch.

Should you refrigerate your cookies going forward? Perhaps — particularly if they are of a higher-quality, like what you would find at Dessert First. First cool, then dessert.

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