Flan/Plaza Aztecca

I love how the Chippewa Valley-area Mexican restaurants oftentimes feature homemade desserts. The classic items include, of course, flan, so I gave that a go when my family was recently in Café Court at Oakwood Mall, getting a late lunch from Plaza Aztecca:

Homemade flan.

Flan is a creamy vanilla custard, actually with an origin in Europe, but it later became popular in Mexico and spread north to the United States as a featured dessert among Mexican cuisine. In the Plaza Aztecca flan, you get a nice custard, rich in color, with ideal consistency. There’s that bit of an egg taste, meshed well with vanilla.

Reflective flan.

Plaza Aztecca also makes their Tres Leches Cake and Churro Sticks in-house, so you’ll be locally covered with any of their desserts. Also, the flan provided a nice balance to the main course — I had the super-delish Chorizo Burrito, so the flan was a sweet counter to the spice of the chorizo. The point here is, you’re gonna like all on the menu, all made at a restaurant tucked into the Café Court row. And enjoy the historic journey of flan at the end of your Plaza Aztecca meal journey.

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