Rainbow Drops/Mother Nature’s Food

I see them every time I’m in Mother Nature’s Food, which is fairly frequently: those rainbow-colored candies in a clear bag. All these colors, and I know there’s chocolate inside — a one-two punch of dessert delight. On my most-recent visit, I finally sprang for a bag: milk chocolate peanut rainbow drops:

Taste the rainbow.

Actually, my family has been regulars at Mother Nature’s Food going back to the late-1980s — it might be the store with the longest-track record of visits in the same building in my life. It’s the place where I first found natural peanut butter cups, it’s the place where I spotted the Justin’s-brand desserts, and it’s where they have these assorted rainbow drops (in multiple chocolate flavors).

Befitting a place based on natural food, the ingredients in these milk chocolate peanut rainbow drops don’t feature difficult-to-pronounce preservatives; rather, you’re getting the basic ingredients that you would find in your kitchen. For some of the more-difficult-to-use-in-your kitchen ingredients, like color, you have radish and cabbage as opposed to something with a number (no, you don’t taste any vegetables — it’s using the vegetable to achieve the color, just like you don’t take baking powder when you use it to bake something).

All-around, you will be healthy (and very local-supporting) if you buy the food Mother Nature’s Food has to offer, including the sweets. This is dessert has nature intended…with a bit of human ingenuity.

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