Dutch Apple Pie/Main Street Cafe

You know the tagline: Don’t forget to leave room for the pie!

That is a rock-solid must for the Main Street Cafe in Bloomer. Now, to be fair, I somehow have never made my way up 53 to eat in the actual restaurant, though perhaps that can be explained by the many chances I have had to eat their pies down in Eau Claire.

Mmm, pie!

Take, for example, a recent visit to Jacobson’s Market in the Putnam Heights area. Whole Main Street Cafe pies are for sale, and I figured I was overdue for reviewing one of their pies. I picked up a Dutch Apple variety, which, of course, is excellent.

Say you have not had a Main Street Cafe pie. For starters…really? OK, second, if you slice the pie eight ways, the slice you get is hefty. This is almost like another meal. Crips apples are cut below the thick layer of brown sugar crumbles; naturally, these crumbles are shaped like little pebbles of all sorts of sizes. Also, if you’re not the biggest pie crust person — for example, my wife will often eat all but the base of a pie — you’ll be glad to know that there’s just enough bottom crust to keep the pie intact without being a whole layer of baked dough. These folks know how to do pie. But you probably already knew that, right?

All the apples.

The cream pies from the Main Street Cafe are legend, the fruit pies have the aforementioned solid amounts of fruit — I mean, this is PIE. The thing is, if you happen to see one in a store, or at your workplace, or in their Bloomer restaurant, you won’t need to try to remember leaving room for the pie. Your appetite had a reservation already made.

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