Homemade Candy Bar/Maple Lawn Bakery

Ever made a candy bar? Of all desserts, the candy bar seems among the most-challenging to re-create at home. You would think, given its ubiquity, that recipes should abound — and they do, but this is surely not the easiest thing to whip up for a post dinner treat this afternoon.

So when, on a recent afternoon, I saw homemade candy bars for sale, I had to try them.

The homemade candy bar.

I found this Maple Lawn Bakery creation at Cady Cheese Factory, among other offerings (there’s not much info online about Maple Lawn Bakery, but you’ll do yourself well to go to Cady Cheese to pick up the goods). Like I noted above, homemade candy bars are not an everyday option in dessert sections of stores, so I figured that any local place that made them must have something tasty awaiting.

Their candy bar includes layers of graham cracker and peanut butter, along with graham flour, chocolate, and more. Like anything hand-crafted that you can purchase, all the right amounts were involved: the outer coating, the amount of peanut butter and cracker, nothing messy, nothing overwhelming. It had good balance.

The layers.

They also are the type you can have in one setting and be good — they’re about 2/3rds the size of a standard candy bar (or half of the king size that we seem to most often see in stores today). It’s a yummy treat, and not a typical one, but one that will leave you satisfied — and who really *needs* nougat, anyway?

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